A Lesson in Love

In the ninth and final installment of the Lesson series, Ginny has learned a great deal about men. She's experienced every romance novel scenario she can think of, but still has one more lesson to learn. When she meets the duke of Rutland, Ginny knows instantly that he's the one. What she doesn't realize is how perfect he is for her, and not just her character. Drew Clarke, the duke of Rutland, only wanted some land for his new stables. When he has to deal with the beautiful Samantha Rylan, Ginny's newest character, he is overwhelmed by the force of her personality.

A Lesson in Pride

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Book #8 of the Lesson Series

As terrifying as it is to enter someone else's life in the middle of it, Ginny never imagined it would be her character's wedding night. Alone in a room with candles and champagne, Ginny realizes that's exactly what's happened.

Grant Montgomery was the spare and never tried to be anything more. When his father decides to finally cut him off, he is forced to find a wealthy wife. He was never bothered by the notion before one night with Alysanne.

A Lesson in Sacrifice

Book #7 of the Lesson Series
After Ginny's last adventure, she was certain that all things supernatural could be explained away with logic. Then she meets Count Nicholas Berchtold. The man is captivating, sexy and desirable, but he also possesses an ability to transport Ginny to another world. A world where she can enjoy incredible sex without any worries.
She is certain Nicholas is her man until she meets David Marson. Brooding, handsome and mysterious, Ginny is left again to decide which man is the one for her.


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