A Lesson in Trust

Book #6 of the Lesson Series 
After having lived so many different lives already, Ginny finds it hard to believe there isn't a storyline she can't figure out. That is, until now.
Ginny becomes a young woman who has to live in the shadow of a scandal her parents created. Her only option is to move in with an eccentric uncle, far in the north of England.
What she discovers at Arden Castle is nothing short of a mystery. Can she convince her love interest that she's not insane? Or will she discover the truth too late to save her newest character?

A Lesson in Presumption


Book #5 in the Lesson Series. 

Ginny has been living the romance novel formula over and over again. In her new adventure, she decides that it's her turn to call the shots. Not only will she decide who she is to fall in love with, but Ginny plans on taking control of her own destiny. Or at least the destiny of her newest character, Corliss.

The mega-hunk, Nathaniel, has different plans. He is the captain of his ship and his fate. As a privateer in the late 18th century, Nathaniel is not used to being controlled by anyone.

A Lesson in Friendship

Book #4 of the Lesson Series

With so many lessons to learn, Ginny's back in yet another novel adventure. 

Having been ripped from a good life in Wyoming, Ginny, a 21st century woman living in the past, has had enough. She doesn't want to meet another eligible gentleman and definitely doesn't want to fall in love.

Baron Oliver Conway becomes her unsuspecting hero. With him and his three friends all ready to give up their bachelor ways, can Lord Conway convince Ginny to fall in love with him and give him his happily ever after?

A Lesson in Love

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In the ninth and final installment of the Lesson series, Ginny has learned a great deal about men. She's experienced every romance novel scenario she can think of, but still has one more lesson to learn. When she meets the duke of Rutland, Ginny knows instantly that he's the one. What she doesn't realize is how perfect he is for her, and not just her character.


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